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I may cross-post this when I'm off the blackberry.

I'm interested in people's weight-loss tips. Not what SHOULD work, not what is received wisdom, not what is so healthy it's politically correct - what actually *works*. There's no right or wrong here; I completely accept that what works well for others may not work for me. (Such as those who can lose weight by consuming complex carbs!)

I will post my owm later; I'm currently just arriving at the home office for a briefing meeting!
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I suck.

Since making this community I have, ah, gained 2 pounds. :(

And this, despite the hike to the designer outlet and back on Saturday. But it's nobody's fault but mine. I'm weak. And although I seem to have found the motivation to do a bit of exercise, I'm not succeeding very well at avoiding the Bad Fudds.

I'm also drinking too much beer. Not enough to get drunk - just one or two beers every night. Which is Not Good. I find it hard to stop, because I'm not drinking to excess, and I feel like it helps me relax of an eve. It's refreshing. I didn't even used to LIKE beer that much. But now I do.

I think also that the beer has taken the place of the Huge Bags of Crisps and dip. The thing at the end of the day that I have to signal a letting go (and, also, as a part of bordom eating). Maybe I should try to sew more things whilst watching iPlayer and 4oD. It will give me something to do that doesn't involve consuming. And I *like* sewing. It's just... I suck.

I need to find the motivation to be better. How is it that being my heaviest weight ever is not enough?!
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I am such a twonk! Bit of a confession - because I was away from home last week, in lots of service stations and people's houses where bikkits were oft-offered, and because I was stressed to the nines with driving around strange cities with no sat-nav...I over-ate. Not massively, but enough to completely fail to lose any weight. I didn't gain either, but this was probably because I was 'good' on other days.

I have realised that all of the above were great excuses to scoff naughty foods but bad *reasons*. Especially since I'm now in scotland, but with a nice hire car and satnav, and nothing going wrong. As a result, I'm sticking to diet, and it's even quite easy! I'm hungry to be sure, but I'm not using food or booze to make myself feel better, ie as stress relief. Hunger is far easier to ignore than stress-based cravings!

So yes, one week wasted and the corset still too tight, but onwards :-)

Do tell me if I should take these kind of rambles back to my own journal...
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The Motivational Corset

Measurements with a tape meausre rather than memory - and after a week of on-off dieting (it's bloody difficult dieting - for me - when I'm on the road).

Waist: 28.5-29.5 (depends on breathnig in or out!)
Hips: 38
Over-bust: 35
Under-bust: 30.5 (and that's just not getting any smaller. Ever. There are ribs.)
Belly: Flabby!

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