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ninjawannabes's Journal

What would a ninja do?
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For people who want to get their arses in gear
Hello there! This is a community set up by me, Rhube, for me and my friends who want to lose weight and get fit. The community is moderated to try and ensure that everyone who is in the community is someone who understands the sensitivity of issues surrounding dieting, and that responses to posts are respectful.

There are no specific rules, as yet, but I'd like to create a community with an ethos that respects:
- that losing weight is hard for everyone
- that 'overweight' is a category relative to hieght and other issues
- that people with several stone to lose are as welcome as those who just want to shape up a bit, and visa versa
- that different people lose weight in different ways, and what works for one person might not work for another
- that people who have put on weight are not stupid or under-informed
- that even if you're not stupid, being overweight or unfit can make you feel that way, and we respect your right to feel and vent your emotions
- that wanting to get fit doesn't necessarily involve wanting to lose weight
- and that wanting to lose weight doesn't necessarily involve wanting to get fit

My hope is to create a community where we feel comfortable share our thoughts, our targets, our support and information we find, or questions we want to ask without feeling judged.

If I know you, and a community like this sounds like it might suit you, apply to join!